• 2014 Nevada Elections Candidate Cort Arlint

    In the 2014 Nevada elections Cort Arlint is one of the Republican candidates for State Controller.  As of January 1, 2014 there are two other republican candidate running for the state controller position, Barry Herr and Ron Knecht.

    Cort has over 10 years work experience with auditing governments and business accounting performing work for the State of Nevada, Washoe County and various Nevada businesses.  Previous to this election Cort has been actively involved in starting and running both his law firm and certified public accounting firm.  Since both firms are established it has freed up Cort’s time to run for office.  Attending meetings, traveling and advertising take up most of his time along with teaching.  Cort continues to teach university accounting classes in Las Vegas.

  • Fraudulent CPA firm Auditing Nevada PERS since 2008

    Written By: Cort Arlint, Esq., CPA, MBA

    Nevada PERS’ independent audit firm CliftonLarsonAllen LLP to pay $35 Million for their role in the embezzlement. With over 28 billion dollars in trust for Nevada workers at stake and having the same auditor since 2008, how can Nevadans rely on CliftonLarsonAllen’s audit opinion.

    While reviewing PERS’ financials I researched their independent auditing firm CliftonLarsonAllen LLP.  Turns out last year the audit firm settled for $35 million in a lawsuit for their role in a controller’s 20 year, $50 million dollar embezzlement scheme while they were the city’s independent audit firm since 1988.  During some years of the embezzlement the controller Rita Crundwell was taking more than half of the city’s revenue.  The city had to have pay and hiring freezes for city workers because of the lack of funds.  The firm was also performing the bookkeeping and personal tax returns of Rita Crundwell.

    Independent audit firms perform procedures to verify an entity’s financial statements are correct and then issue an opinion on whether they are fairly stated.  In the 2013 PERS report CliftonLarsonAllen stated “In our opinion, the financial statements present fairly, in all material respects, the financial position of the system…  But how much value is their opinion when they are involved in a scheme to take money away from the citizens and put it in the hands of the criminal and help them cover it up by doing their bookkeeping and taxes?

    Unfortunately this brings back memories of Enron where the accounting firm Arthur Andersen collapsed virtually overnight because of their involvement in the audits of Enron.  No one would hire the firm because of their association with the scandal.  When I called the PERS office they didn’t even know about their auditor’s involvement in the Dixon embezzlement.

    Upon election to Nevada Controller I would immediately advocate changing PERS’ independent auditor and conduct an internal audit of the 28 billion dollars in trust to insure the integrity of the financials.

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  • Nevada News & Views Controller Candidate Cort Arlint Interview

    by  on Apr 2nd, 2014


    1. Why are you running for Nevada State Controller?

    I spent several years auditing the State of Nevada. During this time I came across several areas the State of Nevada’s financials could be improved. Kim Wallin has implemented several nonpartisan changes, including preparing more reports and posting the reports online for public viewing. She is termed out and I am the best candidate to replace her. I am a tax attorney, certified public accountant and a university accounting professor. I own a business in Nevada and care deeply about making sure Nevada has a small, smart, flexible government able to handle the needs of Nevadans.

    2. Give a brief summation of your professional and political background.

    I started my professional career working for a certified public accounting firm in Reno auditing tribal casinos around the United States. Next, I worked for another Reno CPA firm auditing the State of Nevada, Reno-Tahoe International Airport, and the Washoe County School District.

    I moved from Reno to Las Vegas for law school, receiving a Juris Doctorate from UNLV’s Boyd School of Law. During this time I established the CPA firm Arlint CPA. Despite the odds and recession, the company has grown remarkably serving hundreds of clients in Nevada and all over the world. Through hard work, I have established a reputation for accounting excellence and was recently ranked one of the top 10 CPAs in Nevada.

    After successfully starting the CPA firm I joined Derek Armstrong Esq. to form the law firm Arlint & Armstrong. The law firm practices in the areas of tax, estate planning and business law. As a tax attorney I represent taxpayers’ rights against the Internal Revenue Service in the US Tax Court.

    3. Define your political philosophy.

    I am a young republican. I believe in the government being fiscally responsible and limited as much as possible. I believe in equal rights, equal justice and equal opportunity for all, regardless of race, creed, age, sex, or national origin………

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  • Cort Arlint Second Amendment and Nevada Gun Laws

    Cort Arlint Pictured Above at the Clark County Nevada Shooting Range

    The Second Amendment’s purpose was to establish American’s rights to self defense, resistance to oppression and defense of the state.  I firmly believe in individual’s rights and think they should be expanded not constrained.  The right to use firearms for lawful purposes should be protected.  Growing up on a 30 acre ranch in Montana my family used guns for hunting target shooting and protection while camping and hiking in the Rocky Mountains.  Firearms have been a part of my life and as a representative of the State of Nevada I will continue to advocate for the rights of law abiding gun owning Nevadans.   I have summarized some of the current court rulings and legislative actions affecting Nevadans.

    Nevada Law

    Nevada Constitution states, “Every citizen has the right to keep and bear arms for security and defense, for lawful hunting and recreational use and for other lawful purposes.  Nevada has restricted carrying concealed weapons by NRS 202.350 it is not a constitutional carry state.  While “open carry” is permissible in Nevada, a permit is required for a concealed weapon.  A shall-issue state, Nevada has a list of 10 separate grounds for denying a license.

    Recent legislation in Nevada included a gun bill SB76 which tried to eliminate the need for a CCW permit.  The bill didn’t pass, also another bill SB 221 was vetoed by the governor which would have required private transfers of firearms to go through a federal firearms licensee  and required a background check.

    Federal Law

    In 2008, the Supreme Court held in Colombia v. Heller the Second Amendment protects an individual’s right to possess a firearm unconnected with service in a militia, and to use that firearm for traditionally lawful purposes, such as self-defense within the home.  Later in McDonal v. City of Chicago the Supreme Court furthered their ruling holding that self-defense is a basic individual right, and therefore, the Second Amendment applies to states through the due process clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.

  • Cort Arlint ranked top 10 CPA in Nevada

    America Top Ten has ranked Cort Arlint as one of the top ten CPA’s in Nevada.

    He is a licensed CPA in the state of Nevada and is the President/Founder of the certified public accounting firm Arlint CPA as well. In addition, has also recently published a book entitled “Towards a Working Model for Rulemaking Analysis; a unique approach analyzing Sarbanes-Oxley’s effectiveness.  Cort has worked for over 10 years working for or owning a CPA firm.  He also has a masters in business administration and a juris doctorate.  Cort is also a candidate for Nevada State Controller in 2014.


  • GOP Nominating Committee Recommends Cort Arlint for Nevada Controller

    Cort Arlint after being interviewed by the GOP nominating committee was recommended to the Nevada Republican Central Committee (NRCC) to be voted on for endorsement.  The official endorsements will be made by the NRCC in April.


  • Cort Arlint Receives Pro Bono Award for Public Service

    Cort Arlint, Esq., CPA, MBA was recognized by the Nevada Lawyer Magazine for his continued pro bono work for Nevadans.  This is an excerpt from the article.

    In an economy where more and more people find themselves facing foreclosures and tax issues, there is a large need for attorneys with financial skills; Las Vegas attorney Cort Arlint fi ts that bill perfectly.  Arlint, who became a certifi ed public accountant (CPA) in 2007, decided being an accountant wasn’t for him and opted to attend law school.

    Arlint graduated and passed the bar in 2010 and has been using his accounting know-how and legal skills to help folks facing foreclosures and tax issues. Once a month, Arlint speaks to people and then consults with them, free of charge, to determine if they have tax issues related to back income. He also regularly helps with foreclosure cases and back tax cases through the Nevada Legal Clinic. He has also volunteered with the tax court…….

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  • USD Law School Invites Cort Arlint as Guest Judge for Competition

    The University of South Dakota invited Cort Arlint for 2012 and 2013 to participate as a judge during the annual alternative dispute resolution contest.  Law students compete on their abilities to solve complex legal situations for their clients in an effective and efficient manner.  Cort is very involved in community service he presents at free educational seminars regarding the tax consequences of short-sale/foreclosures, participates in pro bono work for Nevada residents and is a member of community groups like toastmasters.

  • Cort’s Family

    Cort grew up in a very large family with 4 brothers and 2 sisters.  Born and raised in St. Ignatius Montana, the Arlint property included 30 acres with cattle and sometimes a few horses.  His dad and grandpa both owned grocery stores.  Cort spent his childhood fly fishing and back-country snowboarding the beautiful Rocky Mountains.  Below is a picture of the Arlint Family including grandchildren.  Yes, there are a lot of us.

    Arlint Family

    Cort now has his own family with Corinna and Tristan.  Corinna is a small town Nevada girl who grew up in Dayton.  Her father managed the grocery store and her mom owned a salon in Carson City.  Corinna took after her mom and currently works in Carson City as a hairdresser part-time so that she can spend as much time as she can with Tristan.

    Cort Arlint Family


  • Cort Arlint running for Nevada Controller 2014

    Cort Arlint, Esq., CPA, MBA will be running for the office of Controller for the 2014 Nevada State elections.  He is a registered Republican living in Las Vegas.  Mr. Arlint a graduate of both the University of Nevada Reno (MBA) and University of Nevada Las Vegas (Juris Doctorate) has strong ties to the Nevada economy.  Mr. Arlint is a small business owner owning both a CPA firm in Henderson since 2007 and also a law firm started in 2010.  Past experience includes working on the audits for the State of Nevada both the Federal Single Audit and financial audit.