• Top 10 Reasons to Vote for Cort Arlint

    Cort Arlint Nevada Controller 2014 Elections

    1. Accounting Professor
    2. Tax Attorney
    3. Certified Public Accountant
    4. Nevada Business Owner
    5. Work Experience includes the State of Nevada Audit
    6. University of Nevada Reno MBA Program Graduate
    7. University of Nevada Las Vegas Law School Graduate
    8. Over 10 Years working for or owning Nevada CPA firm
    9. Represents Clients in the United States Tax Court
    10. Eagle Scout
  • Nevada Elections Candidate Cort Arlint’s Businesses

    Cort Arlint, Esq., CPA, MBA a republican candidate for the Nevada Controller is also a small business owner.  He owns Arlint CPA a certified public accounting firm and is a partner in the tax law firm Arlint & Armstrong.

    Cort started Arlint CPA after working for two CPA firms Egghart and Associates and the largest local CPA firm Kafoury and Armstrong in Reno.  During his time at Egghart Cort audited tribal casinos and tribes all over the United States.  The work included gaming, Federal and State audits.  Next Cort moved on to Kafoury & Armstrong where he took part in the State of Nevada audit, Clark County audit and the Washoe County School district audit.

    In 2007 Cort founded Arlint CPA in Henderson.  Mostly friends and family were the original clients.  The firm has grown considerably and now employs two employees and has several hundred clients mostly from Nevada but also national and international clients.  The firm practice areas are tax preparation, bookkeeping and audits.  For more information about the firm check out the website at www.arlintcpa.com.

    Additionally in 2010 Cort joined Derek Armstrong, Esq., in forming the law firm Arlint & Armstrong.  The law firm practices in the areas of tax, business and estate planning.  The law firm maintains a  reputation for honesty, competency and excellence.  For more information see the firm website at www.arlintlaw.com.

    Being a small business owner Cort is very sensitive to the needs of Nevada business owners.  Keeping business taxes down and government regulations to a minimum are high priorities.

  • Cort Arlint Top Candidate for Nevada Controller 2014

    Cort Arlint, Esq., CPA, MBA is one of the top accountants in Nevada.  He has experience in auditing both businesses and governments.  Also he has been running his own business since 2007.  He started working for Egghart & Associates in 2004 auditing tribal casinos around the United States.  Later he switched to Kafoury and Armstrong auditing the State of Nevada, Washoe County School District and the Tahoe Regional Airport.

    The Nevada Controller performs financial audits and is responsible for the state’s accounting reports.  Obviously you would want a certified public accountant (CPA) in charge of the accounting for the state.  Cort not only is a certified public accountant he is also a tax attorney and a university accounting professor.  If you are looking for someone who can handle the complexities of the Nevada State’s financials there would be no reason not to have Cort handle the job.

    An up and coming Nevada Republican Cort started his CPA firm when he was 25 and then helped found a law firm at 28.  Both companies have been very successful and have solid reputations for excellent quality services.  Cort Arlint is easily the best choice for Nevada Controller, reach out and follow him on twitter at https://twitter.com/Cort_Arlint.

  • Cort Arlint’s Wikipedia Entry for Nevada Elections 2014

    From wikipedia December 10, 2014

    see link for more information…



    Democratic incumbent Kim Wallin was first elected in 2006 and is prevented from running for re-election due to constitutional term limits of eight years in the Executive Branch.

    Democratic Primary

    • Andrew Martin, current Nevada State Assemblyman, is a potential candidate.[18]
    • Ricki Barlow, current Las Vegas City Councilman, is a potential candidate.[19]
    Republican primary

    • Mari Nakashima St. Martin, past candidate for Senate District 9 is a potential candidate.
    • Cort Arlint, Esq., CPA, MBA, is a declared candidate. He is a licensed attorney and CPA in Nevada owning both a law and CPA firm in Henderson. He is also a part-time university accounting professor. [20][21]


  • Nevada Controller Candidate Cort Arlint Invited to Speak at the Carson City Vetting Meeting

    Meet Our State and Local Candidates

    Cort Arlint will be speaking at the Carson City Central Committee Meeting vetting the candidates on Thursday, January 23 also speaking will be Mark Hutchinson and Sue Lowden and Ron Knecht.
    We’ve invited our candidates to speak at the CCRCC meetings in early 2014.
    Meetings are held at The Silver State Charter School at 788 Fairview Drive in Carson City. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. Meetings begin at 7:00 p.m.

    Thursday, January 23, 2014:
    We have invited the Republican candidates for the following offices to attend this meeting…

    • Governor
    • Lieutenant Governor
    • Secretary of State
    • Controller
    • Congressional District 2


  • Cort Arlint, Esq., CPA, MBA… Perhaps the Most Interesting Accountant in the World

    Cort Arlint Nevada State Controller 2014 ElectionsNot satisfied after starting a CPA firm at age 25 and a law firm at 28, he is now running for Nevada Controller.  Passing all four CPA exams and the Bar exam on his first try, Cort wasted no time working for a CPA firm while attending night school earning a Master of Business Administration from the University of Nevada Reno and a Juris Doctorate from the University of Nevada Las Vegas.

    While an active snowboarder and kayaker Cort also was a firefighter, whitewater raft guide, author, eagle-scout, private pilot and world traveler.  In 2002, Cort backpacked Europe for several months starting in London, passing through 15 different countries before flying back to the United States from Istanbul, Turkey. Also while in high school Cort spent a year in New Zealand attending Mount Maunganui College and starting on their 1st XV rugby team.

    Cort’s focus for his candidacy is about government transparency, accountability and accuracy.  He would like the controller to publish more reports especially concerning the audits the controller’s office performs and liabilities the State of Nevada is accruing.  The government should be working for the citizens not using their tax revenues to fund their own pet projects and pensions.

    “I don’t always follow the rules but when I do, I prefer GAAP. Stay nerdy my friends”

    Cort Arlint is a tax attorney/CPA running for Nevada State Controller in 2014.  Check out his campaign at www.voteforcort.com or connect with him on twitter @Cort_Arlint

  • 2014 Nevada Controller Candidate Song Commercial

  • Cort Arlint Joins the Clark County Republican Men’s Club

    The purpose of the Republican Men’s Club is to promote sound, honest and progressive government at all levels, elect Republican candidates and suggest leadership and direction for the Republican Party of Clark County Nevada.


  • 2014 Nevada Elections Controller Cort Arlint Bio on Ballotpedia

    Cort Arlint is a Republican candidate for Nevada Controller in the 2014 elections.


    A Montana native,[1] Arlint attended the University of Montana where he earned a bachelor’s in business administration in 2004.[2]

    Following graduation, Arlint began his professional career auditing casinos throughout the United States as a staff accountant with the Nevada based accounting firm Egghart & Associates.

    For more click here for the link to the Balotpedia page.

  • Cort Arlint Pushing for More SSRI Drug Danger Awareness

    Cort Arlint is a practicing tax attorney, CPA and candidate for Nevada Controller. In 2013, Cort started taking an SSRI medication (Zoloft) to reduce mild stress and anxiety related to the high-stress environment of working as an attorney. After a week of taking Zoloft the drug produced hallucinations resulting in a car accident on the Hoover Dam Bridge. While no one except Cort was injured, the car accident very easily could have been a fatal one.

    Unfortunately his story is not unique, hundreds of lawsuits have been filed against companies like Pfizer for a side effect commonly called “Zoloft Suicide.”  It’s unconscionable for the pharmaceutical companies to be airing television ads claiming their drugs should be taken for minor anxiety or depression when they are fully aware of the often deadly consequences their drugs can cause. Lucky to be alive Cort is trying to spread awareness about the very real dangers of the SSRI medications.  “I feel like I need to be a voice for all those people who can’t be heard because these drugs have taken their lives.” Please spread the word about SSRIs maybe we can help save a life together.