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We are at the crossroads of a changing world. Nevada no longer competes with other states for workers and businesses. We are part of a global market. A crippled construction industry and outsourced jobs have changed the Nevada business landscape. Now more than ever we need a state government that is proactive, responsible and ready to tackle the new challenges facing Nevada.

Innovation, determination and leadership, that’s the future of Nevada. Join me on the journey to a successful, thriving Nevada. I love Nevada, from beautiful Lake Tahoe to the resource rich mines of Elko to the world class resort city of Las Vegas. It’s up to us to stand together battle born.

What is your position on “Campus Carry?”

I support concealed carry by licensed individuals on college campuses.  “Gun Free Zones” only serve to disarm law abiding citizens.  Campuses have been used as targets by violent criminals and students/teachers have a right to protect themselves.

Should Nevada have a business margins tax?

No, education is one of my priorities but funding education with a margins tax would put us back into a recession.  We should increase state revenues by promoting business growth not inhibiting it by increasing taxes.  Increased business growth provides Nevadans with jobs, spending money contributing to the state’s revenue.  Burdening struggling businesses with a new margins tax not based on income would force some businesses to shut down increasing unemployment and reducing overall spending.

What is the biggest challenge facing the controller office and how would you handle it? 

The most important issues are changing Nevada PERS’ independent auditor and verifying the balance in the trust fund accounts. Last year PERS’ independent audit firm CliftonLarsonAllen paid a $35 million lawsuit for their role in a controller’s 20 year $50 million embezzlement while they were the city audit firm. With over 28 billion dollars in trust for Nevada workers at stake and having the same auditor since 2008, how can Nevadans rely on CliftonLarsonAllen’s audit opinion?

New accounting regulations are going to change the way Nevada reports its pension liability for PERS. The Governmental Accounting Standards Board, which sets the accounting standards for the public sector, finalized a single system of accounting to replace the menu of financial reporting options public pension funds currently use. State and local governments will have to post their net pension liability – the difference between the projected benefit payments and the assets set aside to cover those payments – up front on financial statements, under the changes.

Also GASB changed how the pension funds project rates of return on their investments, which provide 60 percent of their revenue. Nevada currently estimates their rate of return at 8%. This number will most likely have to be revised down, increasing the estimated unfunded liability. These accounting changes will have dramatic effects on the contribution rates for Nevada PERS employees.

Nevada needs a Controller who is an expert at both government accounting and financial reporting. With billions of dollars at stake and PERS retirements on the line you don’t want the reporting to be wrong. As a certified accountant and university accounting professor I am the best candidate to tackle the complex accounting regulations required by the State’s financials.

How should Nevada get its students out of a dead-last ranking for achievement in education, and improve their chances of success in the future?

Diversify the economy, bring in businesses requiring skilled workers.  If the jobs available required an educated workforce then Nevada students would be motivated to graduate high school and college.  With the cost of tuition rising and employers not hiring, many Nevadans are passing on completing highschool or college accepting the first job offer just to be employed.

Cort Arlint Nevada Controller Republican 2014

Why are you running for Nevada State Controller?

I spent several years auditing the State of Nevada. During this time I came across several areas the State of Nevada’s financials could be improved. Kim Wallin has implemented several nonpartisan changes, including preparing more reports and posting the reports online for public viewing. She is termed out and I am the best candidate to replace her. I am a tax attorney, certified public accountant and a university accounting professor. I own a business in Nevada and care deeply about making sure Nevada has a small, smart, flexible government able to handle the needs of Nevadans.

What is your professional experience and political background?

I started my professional career working for a certified public accounting firm in Reno auditing tribal casinos around the United States. Next, I worked for another Reno CPA firm auditing the State of Nevada, Reno-Tahoe International Airport, and the Washoe County School District.

I moved from Reno to Las Vegas for law school, receiving a Juris Doctorate from UNLV’s Boyd School of Law. During this time I established the CPA firm Arlint CPA. Despite the odds and recession, the company has grown remarkably serving hundreds of clients in Nevada and all over the world. Through hard work, I have established a reputation for accounting excellence and was recently ranked one of the top 10 CPAs in Nevada.

After successfully starting the CPA firm I joined Derek Armstrong Esq. to form the law firm Arlint & Armstrong. The law firm practices in the areas of tax, estate planning and business law. As a tax attorney I represent taxpayers’ rights against the Internal Revenue Service in the US Tax Court.

Define your political philosophy.

I am a young republican. I believe in the government being fiscally responsible and limited as much as possible. I believe in equal rights, equal justice and equal opportunity for all, regardless of race, creed, age, sex, or national origin.

What makes you more qualified than your Primary opponents to serve as Controller?

I am a practicing tax attorney, certified public accountant and university accounting professor. I am a Nevada small business owner managing both a certified public accounting firm and a tax law firm. I have experience auditing governments and specifically audited the State of Nevada. I have a Masters of Business Administration from UNR and a Juris Doctorate from UNLV Law. Also, in 2010 I published a book on Sarbanes Oxley.

What are the duties of the Controller?

The State Controller is one of the six Constitutional Officers of the State and is elected to a four year term. The authority of the Controller is set by the Nevada State Constitution Article 5, Section 19 and Nevada Revised Statute (NRS) 227. The Controller is the Chief Fiscal Officer (CFO) of the state and is responsible for administering the state’s accounting system, settling all claims against the state and collecting debts owed to the state. The Controller processes and records the state’s financial transactions, conducts the final audit and ensures compliance with our constitution, federal laws and state statutes. The Controller also provides the citizens, state agencies, local governments and legislators with accurate and impartial financial information.

As Controller, would you support posting the state’s “checkbook” online on a public website, allowing taxpayers to see every expenditure?

I am all for government transparency and accountability. The more Nevadans know about how their money is being spent the better, because it leads to more government accountability.

Thank you 

With your support we can make sure Nevada has an honest, intelligent, hard working controller. I look forward to serving this great state of ours and would love to hear from you. Send me an email let me know how I can help you or tell me about an issue you think I should address as Nevada Controller.


Cort Arlint Controller Nevada Election 2014

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