• 2014 Nevada Elections Candidate Cort Arlint

    In the 2014 Nevada elections Cort Arlint is one of the Republican candidates for State Controller.  As of January 1, 2014 there are two other republican candidate running for the state controller position, Barry Herr and Ron Knecht.

    Cort has over 10 years work experience with auditing governments and business accounting performing work for the State of Nevada, Washoe County and various Nevada businesses.  Previous to this election Cort has been actively involved in starting and running both his law firm and certified public accounting firm.  Since both firms are established it has freed up Cort’s time to run for office.  Attending meetings, traveling and advertising take up most of his time along with teaching.  Cort continues to teach university accounting classes in Las Vegas.

  • Nevada Elections Candidate Cort Arlint’s Businesses

    Cort Arlint, Esq., CPA, MBA a republican candidate for the Nevada Controller is also a small business owner.  He owns Arlint CPA a certified public accounting firm and is a partner in the tax law firm Arlint & Armstrong.

    Cort started Arlint CPA after working for two CPA firms Egghart and Associates and the largest local CPA firm Kafoury and Armstrong in Reno.  During his time at Egghart Cort audited tribal casinos and tribes all over the United States.  The work included gaming, Federal and State audits.  Next Cort moved on to Kafoury & Armstrong where he took part in the State of Nevada audit, Clark County audit and the Washoe County School district audit.

    In 2007 Cort founded Arlint CPA in Henderson.  Mostly friends and family were the original clients.  The firm has grown considerably and now employs two employees and has several hundred clients mostly from Nevada but also national and international clients.  The firm practice areas are tax preparation, bookkeeping and audits.  For more information about the firm check out the website at www.arlintcpa.com.

    Additionally in 2010 Cort joined Derek Armstrong, Esq., in forming the law firm Arlint & Armstrong.  The law firm practices in the areas of tax, business and estate planning.  The law firm maintains a  reputation for honesty, competency and excellence.  For more information see the firm website at www.arlintlaw.com.

    Being a small business owner Cort is very sensitive to the needs of Nevada business owners.  Keeping business taxes down and government regulations to a minimum are high priorities.

  • Nevada Controller Candidate Cort Arlint Invited to Speak at the Carson City Vetting Meeting

    Meet Our State and Local Candidates

    Cort Arlint will be speaking at the Carson City Central Committee Meeting vetting the candidates on Thursday, January 23 also speaking will be Mark Hutchinson and Sue Lowden and Ron Knecht.
    We’ve invited our candidates to speak at the CCRCC meetings in early 2014.
    Meetings are held at The Silver State Charter School at 788 Fairview Drive in Carson City. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. Meetings begin at 7:00 p.m.

    Thursday, January 23, 2014:
    We have invited the Republican candidates for the following offices to attend this meeting…

    • Governor
    • Lieutenant Governor
    • Secretary of State
    • Controller
    • Congressional District 2


  • Nevada Elections 2014 Controller Candidate Cort Arlint’s Travels

    Cort Arlint, Esq., CPA, MBA is very well travelled and has a deep appreciation for others cultures and traditions.  Growing up on the Flathead Reservation (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flathead_Indian_Reservation) in Montana gave Cort an immediate appreciation for the Native Americans’ struggles and unique culture.   When he was 17 he spent his junior year of high school in New Zealand staying with a Moari family while attending Mount Maunganui College.  Cort played rugby on the first fifteen squad and spent his free time surfing the beautiful beaches in New Zealand.  Living in a foreign country really opened up Cort’s mind to other cultures and their view of America and American politics.

    After moving back to Montana to finish up his senior year of high school Cort attended BYU Idaho followed by a year backpacking Europe.  Starting in London Cort backpacked all through western and eastern Europe eventually spending several weeks in Istanbul.  Hearing the daily calls to prayer by the devout Muslims is an experience all in its own.  Coming back from Europe Cort worked in Salt Lake City before moving back to Montana to finish his undergrad in accounting.  After completing undergrad Cort was recruited by a Reno certified public accounting firm to perform audits of the various tribes and their casinos throughout the United States.  Staying on the reservations for weeks at a time while auditing Cort had the awesome experience of hearing stories both folklore and recent tribal history straight from the members.

    Cort’s future plans for travel include a trip to Central America to study the ruins and pyramids of the Yucatan Peninsula.