• Nevada News & Views Controller Candidate Cort Arlint Interview

    by  on Apr 2nd, 2014


    1. Why are you running for Nevada State Controller?

    I spent several years auditing the State of Nevada. During this time I came across several areas the State of Nevada’s financials could be improved. Kim Wallin has implemented several nonpartisan changes, including preparing more reports and posting the reports online for public viewing. She is termed out and I am the best candidate to replace her. I am a tax attorney, certified public accountant and a university accounting professor. I own a business in Nevada and care deeply about making sure Nevada has a small, smart, flexible government able to handle the needs of Nevadans.

    2. Give a brief summation of your professional and political background.

    I started my professional career working for a certified public accounting firm in Reno auditing tribal casinos around the United States. Next, I worked for another Reno CPA firm auditing the State of Nevada, Reno-Tahoe International Airport, and the Washoe County School District.

    I moved from Reno to Las Vegas for law school, receiving a Juris Doctorate from UNLV’s Boyd School of Law. During this time I established the CPA firm Arlint CPA. Despite the odds and recession, the company has grown remarkably serving hundreds of clients in Nevada and all over the world. Through hard work, I have established a reputation for accounting excellence and was recently ranked one of the top 10 CPAs in Nevada.

    After successfully starting the CPA firm I joined Derek Armstrong Esq. to form the law firm Arlint & Armstrong. The law firm practices in the areas of tax, estate planning and business law. As a tax attorney I represent taxpayers’ rights against the Internal Revenue Service in the US Tax Court.

    3. Define your political philosophy.

    I am a young republican. I believe in the government being fiscally responsible and limited as much as possible. I believe in equal rights, equal justice and equal opportunity for all, regardless of race, creed, age, sex, or national origin………

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  • Cort Arlint Receives Pro Bono Award for Public Service

    Cort Arlint, Esq., CPA, MBA was recognized by the Nevada Lawyer Magazine for his continued pro bono work for Nevadans.  This is an excerpt from the article.

    In an economy where more and more people find themselves facing foreclosures and tax issues, there is a large need for attorneys with financial skills; Las Vegas attorney Cort Arlint fi ts that bill perfectly.  Arlint, who became a certifi ed public accountant (CPA) in 2007, decided being an accountant wasn’t for him and opted to attend law school.

    Arlint graduated and passed the bar in 2010 and has been using his accounting know-how and legal skills to help folks facing foreclosures and tax issues. Once a month, Arlint speaks to people and then consults with them, free of charge, to determine if they have tax issues related to back income. He also regularly helps with foreclosure cases and back tax cases through the Nevada Legal Clinic. He has also volunteered with the tax court…….

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  • Nevada Elections 2014 Controller Candidate Cort Arlint’s Travels

    Cort Arlint, Esq., CPA, MBA is very well travelled and has a deep appreciation for others cultures and traditions.  Growing up on the Flathead Reservation (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flathead_Indian_Reservation) in Montana gave Cort an immediate appreciation for the Native Americans’ struggles and unique culture.   When he was 17 he spent his junior year of high school in New Zealand staying with a Moari family while attending Mount Maunganui College.  Cort played rugby on the first fifteen squad and spent his free time surfing the beautiful beaches in New Zealand.  Living in a foreign country really opened up Cort’s mind to other cultures and their view of America and American politics.

    After moving back to Montana to finish up his senior year of high school Cort attended BYU Idaho followed by a year backpacking Europe.  Starting in London Cort backpacked all through western and eastern Europe eventually spending several weeks in Istanbul.  Hearing the daily calls to prayer by the devout Muslims is an experience all in its own.  Coming back from Europe Cort worked in Salt Lake City before moving back to Montana to finish his undergrad in accounting.  After completing undergrad Cort was recruited by a Reno certified public accounting firm to perform audits of the various tribes and their casinos throughout the United States.  Staying on the reservations for weeks at a time while auditing Cort had the awesome experience of hearing stories both folklore and recent tribal history straight from the members.

    Cort’s future plans for travel include a trip to Central America to study the ruins and pyramids of the Yucatan Peninsula.